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Recent miracle in Egypt – With God all things are possible

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Do you believe with God, all things are possible?

A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife because she was reading the Bible and then buried her with their infant baby and an 8-year old daughter.  The girls were buried alive! He then reported to the police   that an uncle killed the kids. 15 days later, another family member died.

When they went to bury him, they found the 2 little girls under the sand – ALIVE! The country is outraged over the incident, and the man will be executed.

The older girl was asked how she had survived and she says:- ‘A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us. He woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister,’she said.

She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by a veiled Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV, ‘This was none other than Jesus, because nobody else does things like this!’

Muslims believe Isa (Jesus) would do this, but the wounds mean He really was crucified, and it’s clear also that He is alive! But, it’s also clear that the child could not make up a story like this, and there is no way these children could have survived without a true miracle.

Muslim leaders are going to have a hard time to figure out what to do with this, and the popularity of the “Passion of the Christ”movie doesn’t help! With Egypt at the centre of the media and education in the Middle East ,you can be sure this story will spread.

Christ is still controlling and turning the world. Please let this story be shared..The Lord says, ‘I will bless the person who puts his trust in me.(Jeremiah 17)

Please forward to all on your list and God will reward you  abundantly.. ..spread the Good News!Read only if you have time for God.

Let me tell you, make sure you read all the way to the bottom. I almost deleted this email but I was blessed when I got to the end God,when I received this e-mail, I thought…
I don’t have time for this… And, this is really inappropriate during work.   Then, I realized that this kind of thinking is…. Exactly,what has caused lot of the problems in our world today.

We try to keep God in church on Sunday morning…Maybe, Sunday night…  And, the unlikely event of a midweek service.We do like to have Him around during sickness….
And, of course, at funerals.  However, we don’t have time, or room,for Him during work or play…Because… That’s the part of our lives we think… We can, and should,handle on our own.
May God forgive me for ever thinking…That….. There is a time or place where..   HE is not to be FIRST in my life.  We should always have time to remember all HE has done for us.   If, You aren’t ashamed to do this….

Please follow the directions:Jesus said, ‘If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before my Father.’Not ashamed? Pass this on ONLY IF YOU MEAN IT!!

Yes, I do Love God.HE is my source of existence and Savior.
He keeps me functioning each and every day. Without Him, I will be
nothing. But, with Christ, HE strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)
This is the simplest test.
If You Love God…. And, are not ashamed of all the marvelous things
HE has done for you….
Send this to ten people and the person who sent it to you!  < B>
Now do you have the time to pass it on?

Here is a chance to believe  on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.Unclear then read here.

Adapted and edited from an email.


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  2. Bob says:

    If this was broadcast on Egyptian National TV can you please tell me on what date was the broadcast and what was the name of the TV show. On another site it is claimed it was also broadcast on CBS but again there are no records of this in CBS archives. You fools who spread this garbage in the name of the Lord are making a mockery of God and his people. Shame on you all.

  3. spicewriter says:

    Thank you-however you must never ever ever call anyone fool-I am a Christian-if you read the Bible you will understand why you must not call anyone fool.Be Blessed.

  4. spicewriter says:

    Blessed the Lord.The fact that you used obscene in your response ,really attest to the type or quality of relationship you now have with these other religion.They are definitely not of God. I always wants to show response to the public ,but unfortunately,I will not able to share your.
    In a day or two ,when you are flying in the plane and it begin to experience some incclement weather, or when you missed that fall from the step at the escalator opening or when you would have been doing something ,and “missed” a fall, you will “bawl” (cry out ) “OH GOD!”

  5. Richard says:

    I have just been sent this email and my inquisitive mind just wants to find out how factual the story is. Indeed, there has been no mention of this miracle in the world news media and it is a ‘top story’. So when was it broadcast on TV in Egypt? Several websites reveal this story as a hoax and if it is not, according to you, then you need to prove it.

    God does not need sensationalism but people to sow his word with all their heart and soul.

    Peace be with you.

  6. spicewriter says:

    Alright, fair enough, will do.

  7. mark says:

    oh please…..perhaps while the good lord is partying it up around Egypt, he could spare a few minutes and get his diving tackle over to the gulf of mexico?
    After that he can come by and do my washing and I’ll lay on some beans or something if he does a good job.
    Can he do home work?
    Oh, and there’s the little aside about Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and the tiniest problem of loads of Africans being systematically slaughtered…funnily enough, in HIS name, so he ought to find a common ground there…just a thought.

  8. spicewriter says:

    I will respond to you after you have some time to think about what you have written here about God. I pray that He has mercy on you.

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  10. South Australian says:

    I think we need references from the source of information and the confirmation before this type of material is sent out. If incorrect it causes ridicule and most concerning those who may consider Jesus and salvation may be put off.

  11. CK O'Shea says:

    ‎ If this were true, >>The country is outraged over the incident, and the ‎man will be executed<>woke up my mom so she ‎could ‎nurse<>2 little girls under the ‎sand<< rather ‎than bringing someone to dig them out or bringing them out himself, is ‎ludicrous. Remember, ‎He just called to Lazarus and he walked out of his tomb. Feed them while ‎buried in sand for two ‎weeks? I don't think so. Did he stay with them and breathe for them too. The point of miracles ‎being so fantastical would be to bring the unsaved to awareness of Him, but in order to do that ‎the story would have to be substantiated. God has the power to make that happen in spite of ‎those who would hide the truth. ‎
    ‎ Now, the thing is, Christians repeating stories that are unsubstantiated, whether or not it can ‎be proved an untrue hoax make us look like ‎ignorant and superstitious fools, (The world ‎already thinks that is what we are, we shouldn't prove them right,) we ‎lose credibility. The Lord ‎does many wonders in this world and many miracles, but ‎when God does a miracle, He has the ‎power to insure there are witnesses that can be verified. ‎
    ‎ When you forward or publish things like this no matter how lovely they seem on first review, ‎‎you are acting the lemming: one following after another with no idea of where they are going; ‎‎not a sheep: one who follows a good shepherd. The ‘Good Shepherd’ knowing that where ‎they ‎go is where they need to be.‎
    ‎ We represent Jesus in this world, Jesus is not ignorant or a superstitious ‎fool or UN-credible. ‎We must take great care to not appear as such ourselves.‎
    ‎ Satan ‎really likes it when we misrepresent Jesus as a fool. The devil likes nothing better than ‎dressing ‎up a lie in 'pretty' and getting God’s children to pass it on like lemmings. God doesn’t ‎need us to ‎lie, exaggerate or embellish for him and doing so ruins our credibility as witnesses ‎for him and I am really tired of seeing ‎it happen. ‎
    ‎ I believe in Jesus that He is Lord God and I believe in miracles and the Bible, I don’t ‎believe ‎in lying or embellishing the truth for Him, I am very sure He doesn’t want us to, or to ‎advance ‎any such untruths. The ends DO NOT justify the means. Repeating something without proof or ‎firsthand knowledge, that may or may not be true because you don’t have proof that it is false, ‎or because it sounds good is wrong. That is the same thing as repeating gossip, it is a sin. ‎

  12. Mark says:

    With the greatest of respect to you:

    I am all for stories which celebrate the power of Our Lord. But I am also concerned at stories which tend to portray people of other faiths as being ‘of the devil’ and demonic in their behaviour. It seems to me that we, as Christians, owe it to ourselves to serve God, not only as promoters of his presence, but also as protectors of those who have wrong done to them. This story sets out, in a way which is increasingly typical, to create harmful division and sow seeds of hatred. I am not sure that this does any good or aids anyone in reaching out with humanity and compassion.

    The fact is that the story has been doing the rounds for a long time (at least since 2004) and is – at best – dubious, while at worst, wholly fictitious. I always endeavour to check these stories by researching them and look for some kind of basic validation, which is the very least any one of us would do were we to receive an e-mail claiming a miracle at the hands of a Moslem Cleric or a Buddhist monk.

    The truth is it is impossible to find any verification of the broadcast date on Egyptian Television and it is equally difficult to find any record of this being broadcast on America’s CBS.
    This is strange to say the least.

    I think it is sensible to adopt a position of healthy questioning whenever we are challenged to pass something on – especially when the request is accompanied with an admonition that failing to pass the mail on is somehow an indication of a lack of faith. As a rule, I will not pass anything on which cannot be properly verified and will survive challenge.
    To do anything less, it seems to me – humbly – is to do a disservice to the personality of Jesus who stands for unquestionable and irrefutable truth.
    Hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you.
    Of course, I understand if you completely disagree.
    I wonder if you are able to rise to the challenge which many contributors have requested and offer your evidence for this story. It seems to me, that your response tends to be, ‘if you don’t believe this without question, you are not of God’. A convenient but flawed approach, if I may say so.
    Very best wishes,
    God Bless

  13. Me says:

    You none Christians Don’t even know everything. This happened because God want to Show none Christians how powerful he is and you might not believe this but in God’s eyes it happened for a purpose someday you’ll see what God has done for you and you’ll repent.

  14. Varadarajulu says:

    Every fraction of a minute you see a miracle of God.Even your own birth and breath.No human being looks like another and nobody’s life story is like another.Even a mosquito is a miracle of God if you know about its life and intelligence.You can not even create a mango.Whether it is Jesus or Moses they have been only messengers of God who have come to correct the people and give guidance and good news.They might have shown some miracles at that time with the leave of God to make the people believe them.
    It does not mean that they are gods.They did it on the command of the Almighty.Non of them have never ever claimed themselves as gods or the incarnation of God.It is only the satanic religious politicians who created a lot of imaginary stories to create split and confusion among the people to create hatred and fights and thereby millions of people lost their lives.Whether he is Jesus,Moses or Mohammed they are only the guides and the messengers of the God and can not be God because God is an infinite kind of energy and power about Him nobody Knows about anything except His attributes.If you are not a religious politician and you have read all the holy books unbiased and understood properly without following the interpretations of other uneducated self made religious scholars ,one will understand easily that the God is one, the religion is one,the beginning is from the one and the end is the same for all.As I have understood ,the original teachings of Moses ,Jesus and Mohammed is exactly the same but at the different periods.It is a single religion unless the people created the stories later or changed the style to match their political and monitory benefits.The juice of the roots of Hinduism is the same as the Abrahamic religion. Do not claim that one messenger of God is superior to the another or they had their own personal power because all the power belongs to the God only and the above said are only the selected messengers to the God.

  15. Victor says:

    Please this is a patethic way to win souls. Blood comming for his palms to prove what? that he is really Jesus? please stop lying in Jesus name.

  16. Christ wil regin 4eva, hes d mighty man in battle

  17. Christ wil regin 4eva

  18. Israel Gwet. says:

    Jesus full of power and mercy for human beings has every right to save little ones.

  19. hope says:

    God iz grt n 4eva wil hiz name b praize.amen

  20. may almaightY God continue to reveal himselve through our lord JESUS christ. so that the world, would believe that jesus lord. praise the lord.

  21. maidoki says:

    is a lie nah christian formallities we disagree!

  22. Ehis says:

    This is lovely

  23. David ishaya says:

    I believe in God the father almighty and in Jesus christ our Lord, maker of heaven and earth that he is alive fighting on behalf.

  24. Ebenezer says:


  25. Celestine Bitrus says:

    God is great

  26. I know God will never disappoint those who put their trust in Him…….He’s a wonderful and caring father.

  27. Aleee Moooh says:

    It will be wise and more convincing if a copy of the video clip of which the young girl was truly to have being interviewed is posted on the net for refrence if you are acctualy saying the truth

  28. musa john says:

    I am greatly touched by dis miraculous deeds of jesus. Tank U

  29. Sunday Bulus says:

    God is at work.

  30. Abdulsalam Abdulwasiu says:

    Are u very sure of this publication? If not 4mulating lies 2 preach gospel is an un4gvable sin. May God av mercy on us.

  31. Anne Ochia says:

    Jesus is Lord

  32. Thorough says:

    ‘Awesome God’, I call him, and it sure still is an understatement.

  33. Anne Ochia says:

    What a Marvelous God

  34. Aniefiok David says:

    A real miracle.

  35. Kunle-Diamond Orodele says:

    Jesus will reign in Egypt and all over the world. Jesus is peace, and thats what we need 2day. The Arab and Muslim shld continue to persecute as in Northern Nigeria, but the love of Christ will continue to spread. It will continue to spread like hammattan fire. JESUS IS LORD AND HE WILL CONTINUE TO REIGN.

  36. benjamin malaki says:

    god is great

  37. daniel nienge says:

    God is good this wil help unbeliver those who realy beliv in him wil never regreat becouse God is great

  38. Thomas david says:

    Justice from kaduna state northern nigeria ;Jesus is still alive. In this world no one can do such a miracle thing like. O lord enter there heard and make them understand that you are the greatest you are not like mohamed.

  39. Hassan k. says:

    well, its a pity to all those who mock Jesus Christ by the reason of this miracle. the greatest mistake of your life is to hear of Him and refuse to believe in Him before you die not even to talk about moking Him. Thank God you have heard of Him (Christ). i ASSURE you that another costly mistake you will make is dying without accepting Him. when you appear at judgement, believe me, you will remember all the time you mocked Him, all the time you refuse to accept Him. But then, it will be too late.

  40. Mela Paul says:

    I believe in God and his wonderful doing, i believe in Jesus the true son of God. With him alone, life is perfect.

  41. Salome lumana says:


  42. sandra john oyibo says:

    He that has ears let him hear.

  43. Umar Moh'd says:

    It is bad 2 b an ignorance of things u dont knw islam does nt reject isah(jesus) bt wat islam is telling u is that god is greater than his prophets.in whch prophet isah is one. Dia4 it is only god that alfa nd all mega of everythin. about d universe. Muslim blive d holybook of isah sent by god direct 2 him. People shld stnp publishn wat d dont knw about. Dia4 d person concern hav committed murder. Pls encourage morality nd peace. Islam is about moral lyf is nt about setanic minded. islam can nt be seperated wt jesus christ (pbh) thanx

  44. Dorcas peter says:

    Pls read dis you may save a soul 2day. God bless you as u do that

  45. Emma Onoja says:

    This miracle is akin to that of shedrach,meshach and abednego! To God be the glory.

  46. Golis william says:

    To GOD be the Glory through JESUS our LORD.

  47. Adeusi kunllyola Abimbolat. says:

    2ruly d lord is gud all d time. He has said it, when we dwell in him he ll dwell in us. Tank God 4 his existence in our life.

  48. iloba israel barca says:

    d lord di God wil bles u 4 dis mavelous story be blesed

  49. iloba israel barca says:

    D lord di God wil bles u 4 dis mavelous story

  50. Faith says:

    God is wonderful

  51. Adirije uzoamaka says:

    Wow! That’z awesome. All d nations of d world belong 2 God.

  52. Joshua says:

    Our God is a miraclous God. He is able 2 do nd undo.fear d lord n b holy bcuz witout holyns no man can c d lord. Gv ur life 2 God nw dt dere is stil time. Wn u cum 2 hm, he is faithful n jst 2 4gv u of ur sins.

  53. Mohammed Abubakar Alhaji says:

    So jesus is still carrying the injury he suffered from crucifusion. Truth can only be spread by stating the truth & not through false hood or presenting people of other faith as crude & develish.

  54. john benard says:

    God is great cos i shed tears of joy wen i had wat of savior did

  55. Anonymous says:

    If u nid to preach,do it without cuking up some lies just to make it luk real.dis will neva be hidden if its real,it would av bn over d tv stations nd dailies.stop fooling us,

  56. Yakubu Luka says:

    How is your story? That is where the problem is now.

  57. Sokiyah says:

    God is awesome..

  58. Friday Gabriel says:

    God is wonderful

  59. Policeman says:

    This is just a story and its never true

  60. Wayas says:

    God bless d poster of dis gudnews. Really, He is d only One dat died and rose 2 die no more. He’s my Saviour and Lord. Wat about u?

  61. Grace ahemen says:

    2 GOD b d glory.God is stil sayn somethin,doz dt has ears shd listen.



  63. 'Biodun Adetayo says:

    I really appreciate the poster of this story of our Lord Jesus miracle. He is the only one that died and rose the 3rd day. Alleluyah He arose. I pray that the good Lord we serve will forive all unbelievers of this story. Whether they belief it or not He will continue to reign 4 ever and ever Amen. It is well.

  64. jessica says:

    My Lord Jesus christ still liveth n’do things in a wonderful way!

  65. Mashood says:

    In Yoruba land, they said dt, ”A dog dt will b missed cannot hear d wistle of it’s hunter” ds is aw u xtains a, so stop publish rubbish 2 change poeple’s heart cos Islam will rule d world sooner dan later

  66. ESTHER says:

    i had goose bonb when i red this!!!!!!GOD is great nd HE reign forever…………….

  67. Mashood says:

    In Yoruba land, they said dt, ” A dog dt will b missed won’t hear d wistle of it’s hunter’ dt aw u xtain is, a eight years girl tell u somtin and is wat u av not saw wit ur eyes and u av bliv in her bt dnt 4get wit all ur fictious news dt u a carryin evryday, Islam is gonna rule d world sooner da later werther u lyk or not and Quran said dt, ”Any one of U wu dies in a religion dt opposn Islam will fall 2 devil part hereafta” so u should tink b4 u lip,ds is an oppotunity 4u cos day in day out tym is goin and death is getn closer.

  68. Tony Abah says:

    Thank you for this mssg,i pray God 2 expand your horizon,i wish i can get more of this.God Bless you.

  69. J H Gimbason says:

    There is nothing too hard for our God. He can do everything. The heathen will soon see the coming king in His glory and beheld whom they have crucified. JESUS THE ONLY SON OF GOD. JESUS ONLY JESUS EVER.

  70. Juliet Okamkpa says:

    I knw my lord Jesus is real cos v seen him myslf.He has saved me severaly.I pity those who dnt believe in his existence.Wen d tym cmes they wil perish shamefully.

  71. the lord is truely mighty and He works in mysterious ways.

  72. Victor Itakpe says:

    Jesus is ever faithful He will never leave you nor forsake you even in the grave.

    My earnest prayer is that this will mark the beginning of better things to come.

  73. Chigozie Solomon says:

    Jesus is the only son of God,& he lives.

  74. Aluwan Tarfa says:

    God works in miraculous ways nd dat is 1 of them.I’ll forever put my TRUST in him.God bless

  75. Adedoyin Opeoluwa Ademola says:

    Jesus reigns forever.

  76. Adedoyin Opeoluwa Ademola says:

    Jesus is Lord over all.

  77. kom says:

    hahaha…I laugh! How come there is no reference from the source you claim of this information? I ask myself. Well, maybe you people need to be told, incase u dont know, that blasphemous stories like this don’t shift my faith a millimeter away from Allah, the supreme. I am a Muslim for life!!!

  78. Asogwa says:


  79. Josh says:

    God is real

  80. Patrick says:

    Our Lord Liveth

  81. Ezekiel Umaru says:

    Yes He has done it before and He will do it again and again. Yes,
    with JESUS it is possible!

  82. NELSON STEPHEN says:


  83. wise says:


  84. ROSELINE PETER says:


  85. Abdul YS says:

    This is realy a false, forged, fake, incredible, unaccepted & religious selfishness story. It might happened during the existence life time of (servant), one of the prophet of God Isah (jesus) who is also a true servant of God (accepted by all muslims), but some christains beliefe that the, jesus, the servant of God is realy son of God or God himself, which is not. The prophet Muhammad (SAW) says: O you who truly beliefe on me, must believes on all servants (prophets) of God. For that, nowaday we are living in sinful, no one will say jesus apear to him/her. It’s a great sin for those who said it.

  86. Hyelly says:

    Repent….ye unbelievers for the lord’s coming is near!!!

  87. Stanley Bainta says:

    I love this post. I read it with comprehensive joy. Whether one believe it or not, nothing can change God’s plan for mankind. God is doing all this for man’s salvation. Man has fallen, and is fallen, and continues fallen as if there is no end of man’s fall. But God keeps faith in His priceless salvation to mankind. Many things will happen in this end time. Miracles will take place in diverse places, even where we’ve never imagine. A lot of negative things are happening to us today in order to pave way for the coming of Great Day of our Lord Jesus Christ, which no one can hold back. I believe in the story knowing that Egypt has been a centre stage for scriptural fulfillment apart from the Holy land of both ancient and modern Israel. I yearn, and long for God’s promise eternity giving to those who love and serve Him.

  88. beauty says:

    JESUS the same today,tomorow and forever more, an old Man who never dies,
    for your name is renewd in every miracle thats perfomd in your name. for every of your words will never go unfulfill, its you i would serve forever and ever. i love you LORD.

  89. emmanuel balewa says:


  90. Anthony says:

    There is noting sensible here to comment on, talk more of spreading it. Religion is just business, and someone is just looking for customers here.

  91. julius says:

    dis is a heart moving text, lets all kn dat GOD still exist and he is forever……..

  92. OKAFOR CHINMA OG says:

    I am not surprised at all because I know that God has been faithful in all his promises infact. I and my family are living witnesses of God’s love and miracle.I thank the lord Jesus for his death that brought salvation to mankind and which also united us with almighty God the father.nothing can separate me from the sweet love of God.

  93. Ndam chalya says:

    Hmmn i found it difficult to believe but i now believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven

  94. Adetutu. Bello says:

    Miracle indeed

  95. mtsw dis is just a legend it is something impossible do you knw hw many christian turning in to a muzlim a day ? Just say you want spread ur religion by againsing ur opposition islam is a religion by god so it must dominate whole world

  96. kazachiyang waziri says:

    jesus is lord,the truth and the light,no one will come to the father except through him.God has several ways of manifesting himself so let he who has ears should hear the word of the lord.

  97. abraham daniel Nigeria says:

    hallelujah God is great through his son Jesus Christ.

  98. Jaycee says:

    Jesus remains Lord, if like you believe it or not, he is my great unchangeable changer. Thank God am a christian.

  99. Marshal says:

    Only Jesus can do this. May God help us this generation of little faith.

  100. my God,jehova over do is able 2 do all tins.i trust him 4 whom he is nd wat he is capable of doing.

  101. Umar Philip says:

    JESUS is actually the LORD over everything.

  102. didymus says:

    i believe that God is able to do even more than this, but confirmation of the atencity of the story, for the purpose of the douting thomas…. God is able and more than able.

  103. Isaac Mega says:

    Abba…Father,you are wonderful

  104. MIRACLE says:


  105. Abdulwahab. says:

    Alhamdulilah Robilalamin…it’s quite fascinating you know,how humans would cook up stories to butress their claim…please kindly make known,the names of all the actor(s) and actresses in your hypothetical play..also please kindly make known the date and the media station pls for verification May Allah guide you and all other truth seeker to the right path.

  106. Agatha says:

    Baba u’re great there is none lyk U, O LORD

  107. felicia Taima says:

    God is trying to show to d world that is alive and his coming very soon so everyone on earth should expect his coming

  108. GREAT says:

    Blessed are all who believed.
    All I know is that fanatics will do all they can to protect their religion.
    @ Umar Moh’d JESUS (Isah) is the son of GOD and not a prophet.
    JESUS IS LORD for ever.

  109. Zakka Monica says:

    Jesus is d Lord of all!!

  110. Debby4Christ says:

    I’m surprised dat most of d people dat disbelieved this miracle are supposedly Christians. However, Jessy u didn’t narrate d miracle wel. I n my brothers in Christ were opportuned 2 hear what happened directly 4m an Egyptian Pastor- Dr Showky ; pardon my spelling of d name. He visited our church in Kano n 2ld us dat d woman actually gave her life 2 Christ n d part dat’s contradictory is fact they were embalmed in a tomb n nt buried.D man in white woke d mum everyday 2 breastfeed d baby. Food 4 tot; do u expect d Egyptian press 2 air dis kind of miracle? Considering d fact dat it’s an Islamic State. U’re free 2 believe or disbelief as it won’t change d fact dat it actually happened. Peace

  111. Adekunle deji says:

    That is the work of my lord Jesus christ, the end time.

  112. Jeffrey says:

    i believe .nd also am delighted nd glad dat i believe in Jesus christ.

  113. The lord is powerful,he shows is miracle anytime,thank you JESUS i regnise ur precence in my life,u are d migty god.

  114. Olatoye Abdulwasiu Olayinka says:

    Welcome to the new generation 1st class sci-fi(science fiction). This is really GROSS!!!

  115. CHARITY IZUKA says:


  116. Eryk B. Jnr says:

    I’m much happy with Jesus, for Him to manifest Himself to the world from time to time that the world might not have excuse at the very last day when He comes. Praise the Lord!…

  117. Cynthia Isaiah. says:

    My Jesus is a miracle worker, n will always be. May his name b praised 4eva for dis testimony. Am so proud to b a Christian. One more reason to love u more lord. Kiss kiss Jesus.

  118. Mfon Inyang says:

    Jesus is the LORD and King of life. It’s written, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh to the Father but by me. John14:6,
    Jesus said Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, LORD, BY THIS TIME HE Stinketh. for he hath been dead four days.
    Jesus saith unto her, said l not unto thee, that if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God? John11:39-44. Jesus is still in the business of revealing the glory of God to the world. More miracles shall continue to be wrought to unbelieving word until all kneels bow unto Our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  119. Ebenezer (Ido) says:

    D fact dat there is still blood stains in Jesus Hands- only points to to the very fact dat he realy died on d cross & rose up d 3rd day!!!
    Dis is a fateful saying dat Jesus died 4 sinners of whom i am one!.
    Dont be -a doubter
    -an unbeliever
    -another thomas
    believe d story or leave it!!!
    J E S U S S A V E S!!!.

  120. AHMED AKEEM says:


  121. Samson Joseph says:

    Pls my muslim brothers, Jesus (Isah) is not a prophet like moses, Elijah and most unlikely Mohammed (pbh), He is God. I dont expect u 2 understand d trinity concept, we all pray dat God will give us his spirit 2 teach us secret tins, God is one but in three persons…

  122. Lukmon says:

    So u r tryin 2 tel me dat d hand hasnt healed since he ws crucified?y didnt jesus save her b4 bein buried?did he tel her dat he is jesus?hw do we believe her?when a chrirtian terorist in d person of timothy mcveigh bombd d city of america it wsnt a news.does d quran suports wat he did?

  123. me says:

    This IS rubbish.

  124. Balqis says:

    @ Wot percentage shld we believe wot is claimed 2 av bn said by d veild muslim reporter???? Even if i bliv she said dat, its so obvious dat she doesnt know anything about her religion… Sm people just practice dis religion without no knowledge of its significance….d prophet peace b upon him says if u av nothing good 2 say,its beta u keep quiet. I undstand my religion,so nobody cant just invent sm story trying 2 lead pple astray… I rest ma case

  125. okworo abigail says:


  126. Garby says:

    Jesus Christ is lord over all & he still live believe now & he ll save ur soul from eternal condemnation.

  127. Theophilus says:

    May God open our eyes to know and follow the right path. I believe in God!

  128. This is a wonderful testimony to testify that my redeemer liveth

  129. mohammad says:

    we all believe that prophet isah alahim salam will surely comeback, bt how sure are u that it was jesus that always come help those little kids

  130. Thunder says:

    Life is testimony blessed is he/she that sheare it…

  131. patrick muranda says:

    freely he gave his live 4 us surrendered his live upon that cross great is his luv borne outw 4 all thats our God

  132. patrick muranda says:

    freely he gave his live 4 us surrendered his live upon that cross great is his luv borne out 4 all thats our God

  133. Saidu Muhammad says:

    I’m not supprise on seeing this, they have been doing so for Centuries, that is why they keep reviewing their scriptures to suit or delude the ignorrance among them. But thank God the wise one’s among them had kicked against this fiction. Pls always bring a point of importance to the audience not fictions

  134. rolly says:

    The post is just one of all the many our Lord did and is still doing miracle is done per minutes by our Lord Jesus Christ,the post is a good one,people will always doubt i don’t care about the doubters because they can never stop until happen to them, which i believe it will some time someday.unbelievers were their when He was crucified on the cross, on the third day He resurrected and still alive today and for ever more. Hallelujah Praise God.

  135. Patience yayock says:

    What a marvelous God!oh Lord more of u and less of me,help me 2 trust nd know u more.

  136. Barezz middleton ukiwo says:

    I Strongly believe this is no Lie.how can God’s Miracle be termed a lie?His words says God is not a Man that he should lie.This shouldn’t be a Surprise because God has done Miracles Greater than this….Some might call it a Fabricated Story but Truth is ,it happened.Someone asked “did he(Jesus)sleep wit the girls in the Grave,did he breathe through them?very funny Questions indeed!but he forget that the life we live is not our’s but his.I read the Story but couldn’t help but cry.i shed real Tears.i immediately gave my life to Christ again…………Praise God.This is Real!

  137. jennifer nnennaya obasi says:

    lord jesus i need ur holy spirit to do explore,jesus i want to know u more give me d power lord to always follow ur part so dat at d end i will be among ur called ones.ur a wonderful GOD,u changeth not,u remainieth d same,u make every inpossiblility to be possible,so lord like u rescure this child n her mother lord i wnt u to do it for me dat way in my family and in my life including my siblings in any way satan or evil men has plan evil again us or our destiny .AMEN

  138. OLAYEMI AYO says:

    Please i am not the person that really wrote this story. It was a newspaper publication i read on Thursday January 24 , 2008 . The precise broadcast television station was not written . It was clearly stated that it was an Egypian national television . I believe it is not a cooked up story . Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour today . He is the sure way and the only way that leads to eternal life . According to Hebrew 13 vs 8 , Jesus Christ the same yesterday , today and forever . John 1 vs 12 But as many as received Him , to them He gave the right to become children of God and ,to those who believe in His name .

  139. Ohiero Christopher says:

    Wit God all things are posible luk 1:37

  140. Elizabeth says:

    I dnt undstand y anybody would try to logicalize or try 2 explain a Miracle. It is simply a miracle n nothing can change it whether u believe it or not.

  141. Dhikirullah says:

    This isnt true! I will tell that, as a matter of fact it is just a make up story. Please and please do think twice before saying such things. Give proof!

  142. B. B. Habib says:

    My Christian brethrens shul be educated that Muslim are believers in the prophethood of Jesus but NOT in his lordship, which is RESERVED to GOD alone. Jesus and all the other prophets, including Muhammad are mortal humans serving and executing the commandments of God Almighty. Yes Jesus did miracles and so did the other prophets in God’s name or powers. There is NO how a prophet is EQUATED to God. NEVER AND SUBHANALLAH!! Clear your minds and think!

  143. ELISHA TITUS says:

    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, & forever. His miracle, sign & wanders endured for ever & ever. Just believed Him for your living & trust in Him, He will never let you down. Are you ready now? because leter will be late. God bless you help you as you make a good decision for your life today no i mean now.

  144. dambade sunday ila says:

    i believe in God d father almigthy d maker of heaven n earth, and in jesus christ his only begoten son our lord n saviour.i beliv in resurrection of d death.

  145. Bouqui says:

    I’m nt suprisd y muslims refusd 2 blv ds.Their prophet Mohammed did nt perform miracles,d only thing he tot dem is Jihad-killing ppl 4 d sake of dia religion.Imagine a ‘husband’ killing his own ‘wife’ 4 reading bible.Gush!what kind of religion is dat(‘religion of peace indeed’)? 2ndly dia own prophet Muhamed is dead&gone bt our own Jesus Christ still lives&wrought miracles in our midst,He evn said “greater works dan ds shall ye do if u beliv in me” bt muslims dnt do miracles all dey knw is kiling ppl so hw wil dey blv in miracles?Som1 said y didnt He or snd som1 2 bring dm out?He did dat so dat ppl wil c it&knw dat he can save in any circumstances&dat’s what makes it a miracle,miracles r beyond human comprehension.So I’m nt suprisd if u dnt blv it.Concerning d wounds in his palms,he showd dat girl cos dat’s d unique sign he shows 2 ppl 4 dm 2 knw he’s really d 1.Evn my sista has cn him in her dreams,it was ds same sign he showd her.And 1 more thn,Jesus is nt jst a prophet,He is God&d fact dat u ppl dnt blv it does nt change d truth cos u ppl dnt blv in trinity,dia’s nthn like dat in ur religion,so I undastand.If d miracle of Shedrack,Meshack&Abednego hapnd in our generation,dey wld av said hw can som1 b in d fire&did nt get burnt.So ur ignorance is undastandable cos u ppl r nt enpowrd 2 do miracle cos evn ur Mohammed did nt do.And ur unbeleive does nt change d fact dat JESUS IS LORD&dat He saves ppl ur own fellow muslims try 2 kill.I wonda d kind of God u ppl serve,a God dat tels u 2 b kiling ppl 2 get a reward whn our(christians) own God tells us categorically dat “thou shall nt killp”! U beta come 2 ds God&d only way 2 go 2 hm is 2ru hs son JESUS CHRIST.God bles d person dat posted ds miracle.JESUS IS LORD.Christianity is more dan a religion,it’s a personal relatnshp wit God. More of u JESUS.I love&beleive in u JESUS.

  146. ahmad rufai says:

    what a set up stories, you think peolpe are always looking for miracle to be convinced about a religion. Every real miracle that happens will always have a scientific base to it’s prooving. And this just not enough to convince even an illiterate, you believe on this, then you must have grown in a first generation world, even then they wouldn’t believe this. And this is disrespecting, because you think Isah is a person you can rubb with dirts always. Then you don’t see him really as a prophet.

  147. Jay heyssh says:

    Wot are u guys haggling abt? Wether d story is tru or nat, wot i believe is wot i believe, and dat is Jesus, d gr8test being to eva walk d earth is more dan capable to do sumtn lyk dis. Evn if we don’t blv all He did in d bible, don’t we feel His presence and His touch in our lives evryday? Dat same Jesus dat died, rose up and ascended is stl alive and working wonders in d lives of dose dat blv in Him. U wl do well today to harken on to His pleading and kneel at d foot of d cross. He wl welcome u wt open arms and sanctify u, and u wl b made whole instantly, free from ur burden and sinful lyf. Know ye dis, He can save u. Just open ur heart and stop doubting His words and works!

  148. Ojoma och says:

    God can neva be mocked,He stil remains d God of d old,love u lord

  149. Joyce Duma says:

    If we dont believe in Jesus after reading this then think again.Jesus is aware of your troubles just allow him into your heart and all will be well again

  150. Olaolu Adepoju says:

    The great miracle worker is still @ work! Alleluyah!

  151. Amos martins says:

    He has proven over and over that nothing is impossible 2 him. He has proven that he is alive n will always be till d end of time, and he also proven that only him(JESUS) can save. Therefore believe in him n be safe.

  152. Ugochi Nduagwuike says:

    I am a christian and also believed in the miraculous power of God. I do not have an iota of doubt about this mysterious miracle because it is too small compared to what God has done or can do. However, if this was unfounded as alledged above, I would not hesitate to disregard the message, tag it an affront to common sense and temerity to the personality of God because God does not require human volunteered sentiment inorder to be worshipped. my perception of God still stands.

  153. Luka Joseph says:

    Very miraclous God is wonderful. Jesus leave forever n ever Amen

  154. Nenpin Yarda says:

    Am suprise that people could doubt the this miracle happen?God open their eyes like you did Elisha’s servant,when you read the Bible and get to know Jesus,his love for truth,man kind and especially for Children,how he told His diciples about children,you would believe,i know that out of love for children and with God all things are posible,LUKE 1:37;JEREMIAH 32:17; 32:27…God can do all things,thank you Jesus for your love and being my personal Lord and saviour,i will to serve you all my life,forgive me all my sins am so sorry for them all,give me the grace not to sin again in Jesus name,Amen.

  155. John mohamed says:

    Well,4rm my name,it s very obvious i ll say it 4rm d judge’s point of view.this story could be very true(i m a fierce beliver of miracle,even my life s a miracle)bt it havnt achieved anytin bcos 4rm d response,the muslim av refused to change n d christians r becoming more christained.imagine u,writing a project work without any reference?wat wil ur prof score u?.
    I think d writer would av silenced d core muslims like d way an Ak 47 wil do,and also gain more souls 4 christ if he has stated a source.afterall,d aim of evangelism s to win souls which 4rm d response,i dont think d writer av achived.bt lo n behold MIRACLE EXISTS.

  156. Iceberg jayboi immanuel says:


  157. Iceberg jayboi immanuel says:

    Halleluya,d lord is gud.

  158. Jesus is alive & he is the Lord!!!!!

  159. Gilbert's Son says:

    Genesis 18:14 ‘Is any thing too hard for the Lord?…’.
    It’s high time we woke up from our slumber. Jesus’ second coming is NEARER than you think! Are you in that number?

  160. Frank Iribhogbe says:

    Why is it that this muslim people find it so easy to use ridiculing words on Jesus, but by the time you let them know that Muhammed or Mohammed was a tanker driver and a cattle rearer in the bush, they will start rioting all over the world like illiterate fools that they really are. Islam is a disgrace.

  161. elisha y.k. says:

    I am baffled by the negative reaction of some people to this story. It presupposes that there are things our heavenly father is incapable of accomplishing. The lordship of Christ is beyond dispute. His miraculous deeds have not been disputed even by non-christians. If you have faith in Christ why doubt a story alluding to his miraculous deeds? This story only strengthens our faith in Christ and assures us that the great and wonderful things he did have never ceased. May his name be glorified,and May he remove doubts from those who suffer from unbelief.





  164. Holudarey says:

    He is a miracle working God..

  165. lawsino says:

    Only God Knows what is really true, and those serving him in spirit and in truth, but as for me i believe in the lord Jesus and the power of is resurrection, God still dwells in the affairs of men.

  166. Johnpablo says:

    God is the orpha and omegar,the begining and the end

  167. Larry Bishop says:

    I believe God still work miracles today. It’s not impossible for God to do what we’ve read. But it will do more good to the defence of our Christian faith testimony by having the proofs of the Egypt’s TV interview that was aired & the CBS record. Christ does not need us to make Him great by any unauthenticated story of His miracles. We need witnesses as it was in Bible days miracles. Jesus is Lord.

  168. Adebowale says:

    Your arguement and disagreement does not change that truth that God is God. He can do anything anytime, anywhere, by His power to proof His awesomeness. Jesus is still in the business of doing miracle. Jesus is Lord, the rest are details. May His name be praised forever.

  169. Evan. J O. Agboola says:

    With God althings are possible.

  170. NOAH B says:

    God is always great and he wil alway be whom he said he is may his name be glorified in heaven and on earth amen.

  171. Alfred says:

    Wat a wonders working God I serve. God pls 4giv my being somtyms skeptical over ur works. Tnk u for proving 2 us dis day ur power 2 save

  172. Anita Feho says:

    What marvellous God,He has great things,to HIM be all the glory for this miraclous.He is the same yesterday,today and forever more.

  173. Okosun Ivie says:

    Thank u Lord for divine intervention! I love u Sweet Jesus…

  174. Anita Feho says:

    God is ever faithfull.He said he would honuor his word above his name.Nothing is impossible with HIM.Thank LORD for this miraculous.

  175. Hannah Folashade Aderonke says:

    Whether 2ru/4se,dis d utmost goal of God: Dat men (nt minding their sex,blive or religion) would UNDERSTAND d LORDSHIP of Christ & bliv n Him 4 He hath paid d price 4 savn mankind. Bliv Him,Accept Him as ur savior,He has notin 2 do wt d religion u claim,all i know is dat He LOVES U,SAY YES 2 HIM NOW!!!

  176. Rev Mijinyawa M.Maiwa'azi Barde says:

    Very Great story bcos Iam also a product of Real Miracle by JESUS HIMSELF.

  177. rolly says:

    The miracles and wonders of our Lord Jesus Christ can not be disputed if any is doubting the miracles that took place in Egypt i will rather ask the fellow to contact an ancient Egyptian who had knowledge of the previous once the Jesus did in their land during the departure of Israel from Egypt.i believe every country has history or archive for reference purposes.the Lord Jesus has done mightier things than these and is still doing today, the miracle is true in indeed, so He is doing all over the world were He is being worship as Lord,He is known as a miracle worker,savor, King of Kings Lord of Lords,He is before all things and govern all things all things consist of Him,He is the Lord of the Universe Hallelujah.Praise God in Jesus name

  178. Activist says:

    This is capital BULL SHIT , u tink pple wil buy dz crap? Dude , Get a Job !

  179. Napsbanny says:

    God’s word is too powerful for any cult to sabotage. Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebs.13:8) He alone is the way to the kingdom of God.

  180. MUHD AMINU says:

    That story is a fiction, aimed at attacking Islam. It’s bull shit.

  181. madaki says:

    Jesus is alive! Wit de happenin, is jus de sign of end time. Bt jesus said until his word is spread al over de world b4 de end wil com, be strong.

  182. salvation says:

    Mighty GOD doin great miracle,may HIS name b praised


    God, i give u all d glory. U said it in ur word dat ur word wil not return to void except it has accomplish the purpose 4 which it is sent. Freinds, Pls read and digest Isaiah 55. God richly blex u in Jesus name (amen)

  184. Kingsman says:

    Its realy amazing u knw for my sweet Jesus to stil be doing wonders of this manner even in this generation.

  185. Eric k cherop says:

    we humanbeings cannot do away without God.

  186. I dont belif in false story. Alah is God

  187. Nonyelum says:

    Carry on u guyz r doin a wondaful tin. D lord will definatly b ur strenght.

  188. Ekereobong Tommy Joshua says:


  189. Annabel says:

    oh My Jesus is alive ….

  190. Agwom says:

    The God we serve is a loving God.

  191. darlington says:

    D same GOD of yesterday Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ still alive 2day 2mao n 4ever. GOD Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ ABLE. Let everybody use dis opportunity 2 repent άŋϑ βε̲̣̣̣̥ save Ŋ☺ώ?. ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ too

  192. Muhammed says:

    God,am still laughing,submit ur story to stephen spilberg.am sure he will make loads of dollers.LIAR!

  193. esther amdii says:

    This is another revelation that christ the king of kings is alive and waiting for sinners to come to repentance.

  194. God wil bless the man that save tham

  195. GABRIEL says:


  196. Dafir zughumnaan says:

    Wow! Dats really a miracle but what kind of grave is it a tomb or a 6feet hole down d ground

  197. Thabani ngwenya says:

    Indeed it is a miracle bcz it is hardly impossible 4 a child o at age 2 create such wndrful story considering e set up of e country at e muslim religion is wel spread in e country

  198. Wndrful lord be praised

  199. Wndrful lo:-)rd b praised

  200. Dennis Afan Yohanna says:

    If you fear God & obey His command,it shall be well with you!

  201. Prince o peace e chancellor

  202. Hazan seun says:

    Truly dis is a miracle

  203. nijo nigel says:

    thank u,i blieve in God’s miraculous power.thank u for tha wndaful story,im sharin it.

  204. Ocktahvyah mazvita jack says:

    Let the dry bones live The Lord has dn it praise hm al creatures

  205. Azi gimba says:

    am rily touch by dis miracle of God.praise b 2 d most high.

  206. Fireman says:

    Muslim religion is a tricky religion why does it promote the killing of other people I think Satan is ruling them bevause he is the only one who permits such evil works people Jesus is the only way to life so christanity is the only good religion dear people Muslims do not believe In miracle but they believe in killing others

  207. govasburg says:

    wat a mistry,the son of the man is there and alive

  208. Mikin Adimbo says:

    In God i trust .& dis will b 2 d end.

  209. simphiwe smallz simelane says:

    Jesus is alive,and He will always be

  210. Tanyaradzwa says:

    This is really wonderful. May God be praised

  211. Adewunmi Temitope Adesanya says:

    God is great.

  212. Emmanuel says:

    God is great

  213. I believe all this miracle bcoz God is the ruler he is God of mirracle.

  214. Peter says:

    I’m inspired,it shows God’s grace and love

  215. Adeboye says:

    This is a true life story,please read and send to other.

  216. privilage says:

    Thank u lord fr ur love and for some of us who are doubting about ur existence to believe from this story tht u are alive and tht u will help us whenever we need .help us to have faith .Amen

  217. sign muraga says:

    God is real..heaven is real..jesus is real..moreover..Jesus is e Saviour of all mankind,whether christian,muslim or black,white

  218. Chika says:

    This is awsome!. JESUS desame yestday!, 2day nd 4eva!!. I bliv JESUS nd i kno its only him who is d 4th man in fire!!, plz JESUS come nd be d 4th man in my situation nd rescue me!!!

  219. energy god says:

    u said he killed them n buried them alive hw cld da happen

  220. EUNICE ODUKOYA says:


  221. samson machakaire says:

    inthe name of the father, the son and the holy spirit amen .Jesus is alive he showed himself the way the children know him .the children knows that jesus was crucified and he has wounds on his hands so wanted them to know he was alive and he,s the saviour

  222. Usman Jamiu says:

    It’s high time we stop all these blasphemy, this false story has been in circulation for God knows when just to tarnish d image of ISLAM. My pple if d whole world gather together with d aim of bringing down ISLAM, alas they can not. Know d truth b4 u say anything, whether u believe or not ISLAM THE ONLY WAY TO GOD, but u have liberty to choose which way to go. THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION. May d peace be upon all righteous pple of our time

  223. Ropafadzo Alick says:

    Jesus Christ is truely alive and Glory be to God forever and ever….Amen

  224. Munyah Muchipisa says:

    I don’t know how far true the story is, but what I do know is that my Jesus is more than able to do such miracles.

  225. Thabo says:

    God is the glory

  226. Alf says:

    How can a story like this attack islam? I do not understand! Is this jealousy or wickedness? All the same the Bible said the devil has come to steal,kill, confuse harden the hearts of men and destroy. So I am never surprised of the confusion the lost wants to distribute concerning this story. My few friends watch your hearts the devil has covered and blinded your eyes and hearts in so much that you cannot see and feel again. Please do not delude yourselves that you believe in Isah as a prophet when actually it is the deceit of the devil making you not to see the Divine! All the same if you do not want to believe just stay cool and let others that he wants to touch feel him because even from common sense this story is the truth since there were witnesses mentioned.Most people I know do not have to see it in CNN OR CBS or whatever because I am pretty sure it will be suppressed just like the resurrection of Christ was suppressed by the Jews.For the believers beware of the fox that will perish with his shortsightedness but surprisingly God will bring the true ones amongst them one fine day! Its already happening!

  227. Perfect Moyo says:

    This is so. Inspiring, I believe my life is going to b changed from today now that I’ve read a touching story like this one God is great

  228. Muslimical says:

    We should think and reflect well before spreading this information.
    A good would not do that act.
    Islamic scripture does preach that, and his Prophet (uhbp) hasn’t taught him that !
    Muslims believe in Jesus Christ and revere him. A muslim not a muslim without believing in and respecting Christ.

  229. jada says:



  231. Esnjeezoe says:

    He z a miracle working God. If u blv in wat he z capable of doing then let ur faith b in hm alone.

  232. Abdulkabir sulaiman says:

    How come d story was not on cnn, bbc, aljazira, ctv etc. I believe in miracles but i dont believe in white blatant lies like dis.

  233. Danladi Samaila Penny says:

    Whether the story can be authenticated or not, does not change the following facts: 1) Miracles are still done today in the name of the Lord Jesus. 2) There will always be those that will disbelieve and speak out against such miracles. 3) A miracle can not be scientifically proven, and neither does it need it. 4) The right and true Way will always be spoken against, as the Way of God will always be unpopular with the world. 5) The road to destruction will always be wide with many upon it. While the road to life is rough and very narrow with few upon it. 6) No people have suffered persecutions, down through the ages, as Christians. 7) No book has been attacked and spoken against as much as the Holy Bible, yet it is still changing lives. 8) Good works has, and can never save anyone, “For by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.” 9) Salvation is a free gift from God, through faith in Jesus, who is called Christ. “For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourself. It is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.” 10) There is only One God, and only One Way to Him. 11) There is only One Name given, at the mention of which all knees in heaven above, on earth below, and underneath the ground, shall bow; the name Jesus. 12) Finally, salvation is entirely the work of grace, and it is by PREDESTINATION.

  234. Tabeth Makombe says:

    I believe in Jesus and all his works!! The blood….

  235. Sarah says:

    What you said was true no man can live without god by his/her side he protects us from evil,accidents ,sickness god is great & he is alive for real

  236. stanford tembo says:

    With God anything nd everything is possible!

  237. Baird alimantado says:

    Who so ever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life

  238. Pst Trust Mbewe says:

    Jesus is really alive and is Lord 4ever.

  239. Tolkmo A Mpofu says:

    Yea.there is none lyk Jesus

  240. Patience says:

    Wonderfull teaching

  241. Gabriel Alade says:

    Only a fool can put the reality of the birth,the death,and the resurration of Jesus aside. The name is sure in heaven and on earth.

  242. gift says:

    indeed wth God anythng is posible

  243. Stephen matuta says:

    God is good

  244. Ramsy says:

    …man wil try hs best to make the religion of creater to look like a bad one bt he wil nt succeed…remember the day wil cme whn man wil cry to hs lord of hs wrongdoing (forgvness) bt lord wil nt forgv hm

  245. Jane Mapila says:

    No matter what but the bible says the word of life, words God shall reach evrywhere… He is God of Possibilities.

  246. evans kamanga says:

    do u bliv?

  247. khairunnisa says:

    Hah what a pathetic story.this is a hoax jus the same way the crucifixion of jesus is a hoax.Jesus is not God and he will never be.If it was a ploy to convert pple to christianity over our dead bodies.and the story jus happened to occur in egypt a country with a muslim majority to a muslim family.oooh really u jus want to tarnish muslims.if its and that’s a big if it really happened the man they saw with wounds was a ghost.by the way we muslims also believe jesus is alive and his cmng back marks the day of judgement.Besides this is the work of a filthy jew trying to cause havoc btwn christians and muslims.

  248. Joseph says:

    Nice story but it lacks evidence

  249. fundo kamwana says:

    what a mighty God we serve!

  250. maameasare says:

    Whether this story is true or not there is one thing that remains true ‘Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE . The earlier we believe in Him the better it will be for your souls. Read John 14:6

  251. Bulus adi mikhitsabu says:

    God’s wonders will never end

  252. Ozi says:

    Plain and simple

  253. Whether this story is true or not is immaterial, what I know is that there is nothing impossible for Jesus Christ to do. If he could save a wretched sinner like me, and empower me to live a righteous life daily, what then is impossible for Him to do? I mean…He is GOD. Whether you choose to believe Him or not as the Savior of the World (For His name shall be called Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins), its your choice. As for me I made a decision to follow Christ some years ago and I didn’t regret making that choice. Now, he is my God, my Lord, my Savior, my Father, my Brother, my Friend. I am a son of God! I will implore you to accept Jesus today as your personal Lord and Savior (if you have not done so already) and experience THIS Amazing Grace. God bless.

  254. thendo says:

    wow Jesus is alive those litle gals r blesd praise GOD

  255. patience says:

    Religion is like a relationship,you will marry your own kind becoz that is wat you are taught.wat I’m trying to say is you are most likely going to be a muslim if your family believes in mohhamad and jesus if your surroundings are christian.I’m neither christian nor muslim so from a nuetral point of view I say it doesn’t matter who you pray through as long as you are all praying to the God who made the heavens and the earth.As for the miracle in Eygpt,I say God shows you miracles everyday,he doesn’t need to save two people wen ther are a million children who are suffering.We as humans are driven by faith,we love,hate and even kill in the name of God.The rules are simple follow the TEN COMMANDMENTS which I’m sure applies to every religion.Peace to you all.

  256. tippergore says:

    Jesus fucking christ….you people need burying alive. That is my comment. Get your own lives people, not one that’s been ‘written’ for you by a bunch of trogladite peasant fishermen from Galilee. This story in Egypt needs to be reported to Santa Claus…I’m sure he’d have a thing or two to say about your revolting assumptions. That He and his Elves didn’t have a hand in this, surely this is blasphemy. Just don’t expect great presents next year you lot…..Shame on you all.

  257. tippergore says:

    Really, very sad to think there are people out there who haven’t yet been sectioned, actually believe this shite. Sadder still that they are allowed to spout this garbage in public.
    I truly hope you all get the divine intervention you so desperately crave, but preferably in the form of the Devil’s cock up the tight arse of your loved one. Hey, Jesus’ cock would be equally fine, oh and there’s Allah’s cock which, if the scriptures are indeed to be believed, is tattoed with the words ‘mummy’ in Arabic and entwined with a gorgeous sprig of elderflower from Mary’s bush.

  258. tippergore says:

    yeah….how about moderating some of the sick jesus-jerks in this forum. Better still, have them go hang out with that other evangelical liar, Rick Santorum. These people will use this ‘God’ rubbish to meet their own twisted desires and nothing more.

  259. Our God is awesome,he never cease doing miraculous things,he is,and was and is to be a great living God,oh Lord of hosts.nothing is to hard for Lord to him be the glory,he guard his people.I worship u oh Lord thank you my father

  260. marjorie says:

    Wow God is wonderful he is my lord today tomorrow and forever. He makes wonders in our lives.

  261. Chinedu benjamin says:

    There is nothing our GOD can not do, Thank GOD

  262. Pardon Munatsi says:

    Our Lord Jesus christ will make a way for us, let us try to live a holy life.Our God is an awesome God!

  263. Ejiofor Emmanuel uchenna says:

    This is good. May the will of God for all of mankind be done.amen.

  264. Ejiofor Emmanuel uchenna says:

    This is good. May the will of God for all of mankind be done.amen.jesus is lord.

  265. Ejiofor Emmanuel uchenna says:

    The lord is good and may his mercy endure for ever. I love this site.

  266. mamuse save says:

    i really love this piece

  267. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today & forevermore.

  268. Believe in Jesus Christ and be BORN AGAIN now then you will have everlasting life. He is ready to forgive all of your sins if you repent. Don’t say, tomorrow, this is the right time for you to do that.

  269. This is the right time to accept Jesus Christ.

  270. Mayamiko Kambewa says:

    Jesus is real

    Im Mayamiko Kambewa

  271. Dylan Mawoko says:

    jesus christ is lord 4 sure

  272. simba says:

    Believe it or not,JESUS IS STILL ALIVE.God bless u ol.

  273. Edward pachawo says:

    This is unexplainable surely christianity is no religion it is life.the gospel of our lord jesus christ will spread to all the ends of the earth.

  274. Golden Samukoku says:


  275. Mimshark says:

    This can only be done by the power of God.For our God is able to to abadanty above all.

  276. eric says:


  277. Ursula says:

    Truely God does mirancles in our lives

  278. atabo,sa says:

    I believe in Him and in Him I have my being. He is still a Miracle working God. He is still preaching about His father s Kingdom,those that will perish will perish. my. Prayer is that Papa God open their understanding

  279. Taurai mutinha kazangarare says:

    God is able.

  280. ONYI OSAWARU says:


  281. Joy mutsago says:

    For real Jesus is Lord. I will always believe n trust in thee

  282. Susandkowo says:

    The Saviour is still alive

  283. Mercy says:

    I believe in miracles and that Jesus was indeed crucified ,rose from the dead and now he still lives. Praise be to God our heavenly father!

  284. eddie says:

    u cnnot hide tht whch hs horns n the Lord our God does wonders. Its up2 us to beliv His existence.

  285. Noah Murimi says:

    Jesus is alive today and forever more. Let’s count the blessings one by one for sure He is good.

  286. Loice Mapfumo says:

    With God all things are possible for sure.

  287. Ruvimbo says:

    This is amazing,it actually tells us that,he is the way,the life&the truth

  288. Happy says:

    Oh my God. Thank God for that. If not God.

  289. Those ppple are going to be burned

  290. Tery kush says:

    In God i trust..surely he z ther

  291. Gerrard says:

    And Jesus is coming, surely He is coming again. Soon!!! Jesus is LORD.

  292. courage mapanda says:

    As tru christians, we shld strive to imatate christ to the fullest. i dnt knw how valid the story mght be but christianity is based on ultmost faith. that is we shld bliv in things we dnt see and those we hear without seeking reference. but however, the most important issue here is that we shld b very careful when preaching the word of God. i beliv lies leads to hell. cooking up stories that make up lies so as to spread the gospel is a sin. its not that people shld always seek refence to claimed miracle but the point here is that lets preach the gospel in good faith. miracle do happen and the still happen we praise the lord. tru gospel preaches peace and hamorny. it draws people wth different ideologies together. it does nt underestimate other people. tru gospel dnt bring confusion and arguments. tru gospel is clear and does not need cooked up lies to turn the hearts of many.

  293. Issa Abdul says:

    my name is Issa ( jesus in christian ) am a muslim and we believe in Jesus too… follow His teachings and ways too. any story brought to our attention should have FACTS, Even Mohammad ( S.A.W ), a story of Him brought to our attention wont be trusted if FACTS are not convincing… so we wont blindly accept just coz we are believers… we live in an era of technology not word of mouth… Saturn (Devil) was one of Gods servant and still did a wrong thing and still believe all angles are good so One Muslim or Christian doing the same doesn’t mean All are Bad. PLEASE WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE WAR, YOU SHOULD BE WISE ENOUGH NOT TO FUEL IT.

  294. Dan foster says:

    I believe in God’s miracles,he God is awesome,miraculous,kind.and he lives and reign forever more.

  295. geoffrey jericho chimwaza says:

    whaooo we save a miracle GOD SURE he is wealth to be praised

  296. Piaget says:

    Stop ur propagandas! May the Living God punish you for your liers!!

  297. UCHENNA says:


  298. Emmanuel says:

    Wht a babaric thing if nt 4 the mercy of God those baby culd hve just go just lyk that wht a wicked world

  299. Mike says:

    Jesus walks

  300. Emmanuel says:

    Ntfin the Lord can nt do

  301. Ihuoma chika says:

    He is a God dt answereth by fire. Wat He said,He will do, He will do wat He said . Dt is why He is called JEHOVA

  302. Kiri H. Jaryum says:

    That is our omnipotent, omnipresent God, the Lord Almighty. All praises be unto Him and Him alone.

  303. Mrs Azuka Helen Obunse Achebe says:

    This is a miracle, God is great.

  304. Moila Takawadiyi says:

    Glory be to God.

  305. felixiorfa says:

    god is @ wrk

  306. Micheal Mpofu says:

    Our God is an awesome God of miracles and i expect all human race to be familier with His ways that are not our ways and His thoughts that are not our thoughts. The same God of encient times,the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the same God we worship today. He will be the same tomorrow and forever and ever. Truely haven and earth will pass and His word will remain the same as He does not change.
    I believe that what happened in E gypt is an eye opener to the unbelievers… People should learn to believe in God and not in men and some mute idols. Yes, Jesus is alive, and we are going to be distroyed because of our ignorence and stubonness if we harden our hearts to the word of God.
    To the Pastors and Bishops out there, i would like to encourage you to stick to the words that came from His own mouth in Mark 16:15-18 and stop deceiving people to fullfill your own eggos and increasing the membership number of your churches to gain status. It really pains to see a beautiful temple full of perishing innocent souls that are misslead by the very person who is supposed to be saving them. Is better to worship under a tree and be saved than in a beautiful temple only to forfit your salvation. Believe in God alone and you shall be saved by the Saviour Jesus Christ… Whether the story is true or not,the word of God is and if this is a lye,somewhere someone’s eyes been opened as to what kind of a world we live in,,,these are the last days,,,people have become so heartless that they can use God’s name anyhow they want…

  307. Uduak Stanley says:

    This is indeed miraculous, if this has happened, there is no need to ponder of what powers or who is behind it. Believe it or not it is the handwork of GOD through his son JESUS. I think it’s time to turn a new leaf an amend our ways, no need to continue like the PHARISEES & SCRIBES. If we do this we are sure of spending eternity with him. <>

  308. jethro says:

    the lord is gud,all the time.

  309. Tiamiyu habeeaulahi says:

    Wonders shall neva end& even miracles will neva stop among d globe.

  310. mwanaiddy says:

    all but da same may glory be 2 Allah who made dat possible

  311. Uzoh Johnson says:

    my God is so Great. He is ever ready to do more things because this is end time. God can live ninety-nine nd follow d path of an expensive miracle like this get to those going astray back to Him. by johnson uzoh

  312. UCHENNA says:


  313. Hassan k. says:

    Dos who say dis miracle is a lie and propaganda shld find time to read the story of wat hapened at the resurrection of Jesus christ in matthew 27:62-66 then matthew 28:11-15.The guard who was at the tomb told lies dat jesus didnt ressurect.dont u think many pple belif him?did dey belif him cos he was right?so also many will belif that it is a lie but is it realy a lie? think.4 hw long will Jesus christ miracle continue to be lies? forever?when den do u want to belif?wen it bcoms 2 late? pls think

  314. spicewriter says:

    Discussion is good.

  315. Harrison Godwin says:

    Jesus is indeed a miracle worker.

  316. Umar says:

    Jesus hs never claimed divinity. Read your Bible well! He was not but a Prophet of God like other prophets. All prophets of God were pious n preached the same message:believe in one God and worship Him alone. So those who deify any of the prophets are heading 4 doom! “…the Lord our(including Jesus) God is one God…” Mark 12:28-31. And those who blindly swallow this story even with clear evidence of its falsity are making mockery of themselves!

  317. Mudi says:

    More dan a miracle i must say

  318. LOVY says:

    GOD is awesome! JESUS is ALIVE 4ever. I Love you LORD! Thanks 4 Proving to the world that YOU are the same YESTERDAY, TODAY and FOREVER. LORD JESUS do some MIRACLOUS in my LIFE 2 in JESUS NAME, AMEN. Thank you JESUS!

  319. Nafama says:

    be careful, no cause 4 alarm, the devil can use somone to write a story like this to cause misunderstanding among the two religion, not necessarily a christian, on the other hand, the story might be a reality. however, no Muslim, Christian or anybody from what ever religion should draw conclusions over an information that has no witness or reference. if you are a Christian, you knw wat ur God cn do, if u are not, u may not bliv it, if u are wise, choose ur words correctly because they may be ur………! no need 4 insult or bad comments on the christians.

  320. Sheilah says:

    This miracle has increased my faith and trust in christ.may His name be praised.i feel like worshipping in tongues.All Glory to God.

  321. Zwelisha says:

    Tnks very much about this story , this story added my faith to the Lord , now i trust Him more than before for that He still watching us or He is wth us .Amen , glory to the highest God

  322. chinonso onuoha anthonia says:

    I wnt God 2 mAke me knw him more nd more nd be able 2 keep 2 his command.

  323. Judith Chiradza says:

    Eish this God is tooooo much oooooh.wat a God we serve.i jus love this Jesus.

  324. imoke ubi says:

    that is my God…

  325. Chinedu says:

    Jesus is Lord.he is alive.him alone is God.worship Jesus him is the surce of existence.JE -S U S. Is LORD AME-N.

  326. Yahaya Abdullahi says:

    Islam is a religion of peace and love and not killing your fellow human beings. beside, i use to get upset anytime i listen or read a news about killing and at the end it was a muslim. Islam did not support having an intention to kill, rather to kill anyone. Quran specify righteousness among man kind and not killing souls. Any muslim that have wicked mind is not true muslim and to touch bible is not a sin. Prophet isah (jesus) is a servant of GOD and we all learner knows it clearly. Why critisize?.why are this people turning meanng of islam upside!

  327. spicewriter says:

    Bless the Lord. Continue to spread Islam of peace in a peaceful way.And be an apologist for your religion. Bless.

  328. benardette says:

    Sincerely,i have no reason to doubt this story,cus the lord has done miraculous things in my life and i believe with GOD,nothing is impossible…
    Though,with human comprehension,its imposible,but WITH GOD,ITS MORE THAN POSSIBLE….

  329. Anonymous says:

    Someone said people who herald this news re fools,by the way let me ask wht gain do ur insultive n ignorant bleeding motive stands 2 purport..skeptics always talks like people who knw it all meanwhile they lack spiritual foresight n insight,sum one also cognacly spoke dat he wud want the Lord to come do sum washing on his behalf,this person talks like lucifer or who even knws if he is his grand son.RUBBISH! i belive this story is true,do u even think for once dat those kids wud fabricate such a story…these people who counter the propagation of the gospel re pharises of our day who re blind n dull of hearing.i just pray that God wud ve mercy on all of you who spoke ill of God, Jesus n the church.

  330. Valentine Chidembo says:

    With my God it is possible

  331. Hassan K. Nigeria says:

    some one says how sure are we that it was Jesus Christ coming to save those kids and some one says could it be that he still have his wounds? Simple. Without the marks of his wounds you can argue that it was not Jesus. who then has those wounds apart from Jesus? could it be Mohammed? or on the contrary, you on your own do you believe that Jesus is able to do even more miraculous signs than this? The truth is that he chooses to appear to those kids in a form that cannot be argueable. so why the argue? its either you believe it or not period.

  332. Adakole says:

    May the God in Heaven reward you for preaching out the gospel through shearing of testimonies. I was touch with the story. May God help us

  333. Ayodele says:

    Laughs… this is to tell you how senseless most Nigerian Xtians were. They lack sense of reasoning to challenge crooked and delusion ideas put forward by these misguided western folks. To the editor of this site I pity you because the enormous number of people you led astray will pray against you on the day or ressurection that almighty God should double your punishment. it is better to repent now before its too late.
    Guys why disturbing yourself about Jesus(AS) what about moses, noah, abraham among other messengers of God sent to us do you practice what they preached?
    Human being take heed before the punishment of your Lord descend on you for indeed—

  334. Magdalene nambule says:

    Tis is amazing. .GOD help us pliz. .pliz email me as wel, tis z touchng. magdalene.nambule@quikslash.com

  335. noah says:

    there,s no miracle from egypt lies lies
    Origins: We first encountered this story in April 2004 when it began to land in the snopes.com inbox. It has since come to us labeled “News from Egypt,” “Miracle in Egypt,” and “Murder Miracle in

    The story, as appealing as it may be, appears to have nothing to it. Despite the tale’s claim that “The country is outraged over the incident, and the man will be executed,” we found no news reports from Egypt about a man’s murdering his wife and burying her along with his two still-alive daughters, let alone about the two little girls’ being nurtured below ground by Jesus for 15 days before being rescued from their premature graves.

    As to where the story came from, while a number of the forwards identify as the writer of the e-mail a woman whose husband is a Christian pastor who runs a Muslim outreach program in the U.S. (and therefore as the one both providing and vouching for the story), some of the earliest versions that bear her name led off with this now-elided paragraph:
    I don’t want to wait until our next newsletter to get this story out to you. It begins as a tragedy but ends as an incredible miracle. Victor received this by email a few days ago (5/20/04), and talked with family in Egypt to confirm the details that were given there on the news.
    A careful reading of that preface provides the information that the putative author did not pen the written account now so often attributed to her — the piece was instead something her husband received from an unnamed source. As for confirming details with family in Egypt, we can only guess what got asked and how it was answered.

    Barbara “miracle whipped” Mikkelson

    Last updated: 23 April 2008

    Urban Legends Reference P

  336. rafina says:

    glory be to God Almighty, He reigns

  337. hailemelekot says:

    Jesus is God he can do every thing. don b confused . john 1….. most peoples are confused at him but Jesus is alive for ever no time was present without him Thank you JESUS the savior of my life.

  338. Hassan says:

    Sure Muslim leaders will have problems dealing with that as the man in shiny white cloth was having blood only on his hands. According to the believes of the non-muslims, christ was supposed to dripping in blood- not hands alone. God never stops to show us HIS signs and wonders. Why do you just have to condemn others to try and praise your religion? God be with us all

  339. Dansu James says:

    The Lord is my shepard I shall not want.
    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
    He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name sake.
    Thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of my enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of Lord forever & ever Amen…..

  340. Hope Nakhayenze says:

    I am a Christian and that for me means that I need to know the truth and live by it. This story can not be substantiated. Sadly, many of us Christians tend to be blindly radical. God’s word must be spread, but God doesn’t need to be lied for. We should not spread lies just to have the world in awe of Him. All we have to do is spread the Truth, and the Word of God (the gospel) is the truth. God doesn’t need to borrow from the devil! Reminds me of a Christian friend who once said she had not read for an exam but God helped her when the supervisor let her cheat on the exam!

  341. Ayodeji says:

    This is a big lie…

  342. Ayodeji says:

    This is a big lie


    GOD IS GOD, and HE alone can do what only HIM can do.Infact, His name name is JESUS CHRIST,Who does mystery anyway,anyhow & any time,Can you challenge HIM?

  344. samuel chibuisi grant says:

    may d name of Jesus be praised

  345. dsxxbl says:

    My friends, there is no such thing as GOD. There is no such thing as GOD

  346. Favour says:

    This God is wonderful.No one would have done this terrific miracle praise!praise!! Praise!!!the Lord hallelujah

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